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  1. Around this time, Intel made a series of bugged pentium processors that would calculate the wrong numbers. A software fix was built into windows 95 and 98 to correct for this. I don't know if this is one of those processors, but I do know that this piece of tech is over 25 years old now.
  2. Somewhat unrelated to OP, But do Intel processors benefit from higher ram speeds?
  3. This is the case I built my computer out of. It is a server case, with a Supermicro X8SAX (seen on the floor) This was a board that had a 2009 BIOS, and would be a few generations behind. I still use the power supply, though I need a new one for my new Vega card. The server had a Xeon E3500 in it.
  4. Do PSUs degrade over time? That might explain it. Also what might be a good replacement?
  5. I have managed to make a great computer for rather little. As such, I have a few reused items in my computer. I built my computer with a massive old server case, 2 TB of reused HDD, and a power supply that came with the case. My setup is as follows. Power supply: Antec TP-650, 650 w CPU: Intel I7 6700k, Motherboard: Supermicro C7B250-CB- ML 3 hard drives, 2 500gb, 1 1000 gb And a Radeon Vega frontier edition that I traded for an Nvidia GTX 750 ti. I wanted to see this thing at work, so I opened up Folding at Home and tried it out. To my disappointment, the computer stopped. No blue screen, and it started right back up. But it happened again! So here's my question: should I get a new power supply? Does the Vega take too much power for an old 650 watt power supply?