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  1. I have managed to get to this. But as you can see the drive has changed. What would be the best thing to do, to fix it.
  2. Is their a way to reset a storage device from the BIOS
  3. I tired that, but it wont let me re-install windows to something that already has windows on it. It tells me to boot windows then install it. So their is no way for me to boot into windows or install windows to the drive.
  4. When searching through the BIOS earlier, I went on to flash the Bios and was able to see all the files on my SSD so I am not sure what has happened
  5. Sadly I don't, this is my only system with an m.2 slot
  6. I also thought the drive was broken and when I tried to get Amazon to replace it they said they can't if data is on it. So how am I meant to delete the data of a broken drive.
  7. @5x5It is visible in the bios but it is not coming up as a Boot drive so I cannot boot to it. As you can see it is registered under storage information but not under boot priority.
  8. I am honestly out of Ideas, I don't know what has happened or what has broken, is it the CPU, motherboard or SSD
  9. Sorry for not replying @5x5 The last thing I did on the pc was do a test with AMD ryzen master and it restarted my PC and then this whole problem happened
  10. When I look at the boot menu it says that it cannot find any bootable devices
  11. My ram was in A1 and B1 I have now changed it to A2 and B2 still nothing though @zeusthemoose
  12. Yeah, clearing the Cmos didn't work. Are you sure this will make my SSD register as a boot device?
  13. I only have 1 drive, I will do a Cmos reset now but I think it has something to do with the memory speeds because AMD ryzen master changed them earlier then this has happened so I am not too sure but I will give it a go.