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  1. Soo... I just got the Philips SHP9500 and I was wondering what EQ settings I should put on these, since I heard these work best paired with good eq and an AMP and DAC. I found an eq settings on reddit that was over 4 years ago and what I dont like about his settings is that the audio is quite low even at 100% in games, and the bass is kinda low for me, I also paired it with HeSuVi because Im not used to just stereo. I play mostly competitive games. Should I just stick with Stereo? and what eq settings can you suggest for gaming and music? (Im new to eq and such so I dont really know how to make my own atm ://)
  2. Ive been really annoyed when my teammates can hear the footsteps but I couldnt, Just a week ago my Current headphone's foam started ripping of and its really annoying to use now so I decided its time to buy a new one. I've been searching around yt for reviews on good gaming headphones, and Im stuck if I should go with the Arctis 5 because Im hearing alot of good reviews and I also wanna try 7.1 surround sound for the first time, but alot of people keep saying something about openbacks and I found out about Philips SHP9500 its way cheaper than the Arctis. What would you guys recommend? 7.1 or Openbacks. I mostly use it for Competitive fps (csgo) I have an adjustable budget of 120$, my current Headphones rn are the HyperX Stingers. Are there any better options?