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  1. I feel like people haven't read my explanation fully and are voting for the 1st option based solely on the RX 5700. Doesn't feel right.
  2. It's 14GBps after the BIOS upgrade, but these benchmarks are of upgraded cards anyway. Frankly, 5fps higher or lower makes no difference to me when I get over 90fps at Ultra settings. Basically the only reason to prefer that particular RX 5700 in my list over the 5600 XT would be to better handle 1440p. But I don't have a 1440p monitor so that point is moot, and I'd rather wait until RTX cards became cheaper a few years down the line and upgrade into that (whether Nvidia or AMD). Yea, nah; I'm becoming more and more confident that the used option is the more cost effective choice for me, both at short and long term.
  3. Yeap, exactly what I'm thinking. It's used but it's only about 5-6 months old. The fact that it comes with a X570 Aorus Elite and a beefy cooler gives me confidence that I can upgrade to a higher class CPU down the line, without having to worry about upgrading those parts as well. So potentially cheaper to upgrade in the future. And while I do like the idea of an RX 5700, ASUS's original TUF RX 5700 model (unlike the revised EVO model) comes with no VRM cooling and relies on the middle fan blowing air directly onto it, which makes it run hot under load (around 84 according to one of the reviews I read) as well as loud, because the fans need to run faster than they would otherwise need to. Also, I'm assuming the testing was done at around 25 Celsius ambient temperature. Summers get real hot here and the PC will be in a non-conditioned room. So I'm pretty sure it will near or go straight past the 95 degree safety limit. On top of that, this is strictly for 1080p gaming, and a 3-to-7 fps increase that comes with the 5700 doesn't seem that enticing given the issues it comes with.
  4. I'm afraid it's the former. It's listed in there; ASUS TUF 3 RX 5700.
  5. Ya sorry. First time posting a poll here, needed to edit them in after.
  6. The New One: - RYZEN 5 3600 - ASUS TUF B450M PRO GAMING - AMD WRAITH PRISM - ASUS TUF GAMING X3 RX5700 (NO VRM cooling!) - XPG SPECTRIX D41 RGB (8GBx2) 3000MHZ DDR4 - KINGSTON A2000 512GB DRAM SSD (M.2 NVMe) - RAMPAGE TRAPPER MESH 4-Fan (3x140mm + 1x120mm) ARGB - XIGMATEK VECTOR S Series 80PLUS-SILVER 750W -- $970 The Used One: - RYZEN 5 3600 - GIGABYTE X570 AORUS ELITE - SCYTHE FUMA 2 COOLER (same segment as the Noctua NH-D15) - GIGABYTE RX 5600 XT GAMING OC (practically equivalent to Sapphire 5600XT Pulse in terms of build and temps) - CORSAIR (8GBx2) 3200MHZ DDR4 (probably LPX series) - ADATA XPG S11 PRO 512GB SSD with DRAM (NVMe... I actually really like this one) - COOLER MASTER MASTERBOX MB511 MESH 4-fan (4x120mm) ARGB Case - COOLER MASTER 650W 80PLUS PSU (not sure of the model, it comes with the case... so it's down there) -- $870 Do note that what's left of the budget will be used to buy a mouse and keyboard, as I don't have any. Prices are a direct conversion from my own currency, so they will likely look higher than native US/UK pricing. I'd like to underline that I am not looking for suggestions regarding specific parts and I don't want optional selections. I just need to know which one you'd rather get yourself. I am aware of the VRM cooling issues of the TUF 3 RX 5700. And I know that the X570 + that cooler is a massive overkill on that system. Thing is, these are the systems that I can take. No part swaps, no different build options. What you see is all there is. Thanks for your input. EDIT: Oh and this is strictly for 1080p gaming. 1440p is not a consideration at this point as I don't have such a monitor.
  7. I've checked the site, for some reason the 3300X is actually £3 more expensive than the 3600. Anyway, I've also checked the pricing for this used system, turns out it's a £1200+ build. The guy only built it in April and has dropped the price all the way down to $580. I know a good deal when I see one, so I'm going with that. Thanks for your suggestions.
  8. Price is £700 (inc. a £225 monitor). Can't change or drop any parts. The sale is as is. The upgrades will need to be done at a later date. And yeah, it looks like a Corsair logo on the PSU in there. Not that it means much until I can see the actual model number. I'm not really looking for advice on particular parts to swap, but opinions on the system as a whole. So I'll take your "seems pretty decent" comment as an endorsement. Thanks!
  9. Thank you for your efforts and taking the time. I actually need British pricing as per my original post but it's no issue. My objections are; - Your suggested build doesn't include a monitor. - Ryzen 5 3600 is one of the best value-for-performance CPUs out there. Ryzen 3 3300X on the other hand costs nearly as much as the Ryzen 5 3600, with similar or worse performance. - I feel like 400W is a bit on the low side for RTX 2060. But the monitor thing is the big issue really. It makes a big difference in pricing.
  10. I'll go one-by-one. - Yes, it's a necessity. Also, it's like a $5 part, it has no relevance to the cost. - Tower cooler implies that it's air cooling. There are no tower coolers for liquid cooling. - Look, I appreciate you replying, but it would help a lot if you actually read my post first.
  11. Hi everyone, I have been given the opportunity to come up with a build for a budget that's around £600-£800 by tomorrow, hence the reason why it's urgent. After searching through parts and trying different builds, as well as giving it some thought, it's become clear that going for a used system is a lot more cost effective than buying new. With that said, here's the system I am currently leaning towards: - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 2X8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz - Gigabyte B450M S2H 3200Mhz - GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC 6gb - Corsair Carbide Delta Spec with 550W PSU - A rather generic, but workable 120mm CPU tower cooler - TP-Link Wi-Fi adapter - Toshiba OCZ RC500 500Gb SSD (up to 1700Mb/s read, 1650Mb/s write) - 2TB HDD. - ViewSonic 23.6" 144Mhz 1ms Curved monitor Personally, I'd like to upgrade at least the MoBo and the PSU. The MoBo is probably the cheapest B450 one out there, though a few reviews seem to suggest that it's adequate for a system like this. Honestly, I'm looking for assurance that it's not terrible, and is not going create a bottleneck. As for the PSU, the seller says it came with the case. It has a Corsair logo on it, but I think it's fair to assume that it's a cheap one no one actually wants that they get rid of by bundling it in with the case. So, is this a decent build for this budget? I can't really swap in parts in this build since it's used, so please don't suggest changing this part or that part with another part. But feel free to suggest an alternate build within the budget. The main reason I'm looking into this build is that it comes with a pretty decent monitor. I have another one on offer for the same price (£700, new) with Ryzen 5 3600X and Sapphire Pulse RX5600 XT 6gb, but it comes with no monitor and the storage is rather lacking. Although the RX5600 is significantly better than the GTX1660 Super, the price difference between the two doesn't even compare to the one that I'd need to spend to buy a decent gaming monitor. Looking forward to your responses. Budget (including currency): £600-£800 Country: Turkey Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Other details: - AMD Ryzen 5 3600 - 2X8gb Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000Mhz - Gigabyte B450M S2H 3200Mhz - GeForce GTX 1660 Super OC 6gb - Corsair Carbide Delta Spec with 550W PSU - A rather generic, but workable 120mm CPU tower cooler - TP-Link Wi-Fi adapter - Toshiba OCZ RC500 500Gb SSD (up to 1700Mb/s read, 1650Mb/s write) - 2TB HDD. - ViewSonic 23.6" 144Mhz 1ms Curved monitor