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  1. To me the ASUS TUF Gaming looks good. The MSI Tomahawk/mortar has good VRM but they lack back usb ports.... If you are not using the 3700x or above cpu AND you don't need PCIE 4.0 SSD, I don't suggest going for the B550 board because the VRM and the PCIE feature is obviously an overkill/unnecessary. In my country the B550 boards cost almost twice the price of B450 boards, which are not value at all.
  2. The temperature is normal but get a better cpu cooler if it is affordable to you
  3. Obviously no one would know. For the Ryzen 4000 series just go for B550 if you want better VRM, reliable system and save your time to make that BIOS stuff but that would cost you more.
  4. You can almost get a brand new i3-9100f+1650 super combo
  5. Just go for it. It is probably hard to get the brand new 3080/70 series in the future when they just released it, especially under covid situation. Your discounted 2080 super is a value choice.
  6. your temperature is pretty normal but if you really want to get a budget cooler hyper 212/pure rock 2 would be good choices.
  7. I think B450 is pretty enough if you are not upgrading to the next generation of Ryzen.
  8. The 3060 series display card is anticipated to be released later than the 3080/70 series, about January maybe? For the super series it will probably be longer like the 2060 super does. So it takes at least 5 months for you to wait for the new mid range series of display card. If you need it now and the price is acceptable just buy it, it's still long way to go.
  9. Hardly could a GTX 1070 run games on 1440p 144hz smoothly
  10. The i5-4460 is bottlenecking for any 16 series above display cards. You can still get ok performance on gaming but your cpu limits your gpu performance in certain extent.
  11. Buy the new gen cpu and display card. The 2700x and RX580 are more than 1 year old products. What is the ssd brand?