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  1. Thats sad but I guess thats reality. Is there any difference in temps when using a 240 from a 120 AIO?
  2. Hi, I would just need an input to all of the senseis or masters in overclocking. Any input would be appreciated. My current dillema is that I cant push beyond 3.8 ghz on my ryzen 5 1600. So i tried pumping the voltage at 1.4 to get the 3.8 but im getting temps around 94°C or 96°C on prime 95 / blend. I've read a lot from people that they can even achieve 3.8 ghz with 1.4 volts but their temps are just 65°C to 80°C which really makes me wonder. My cooling solution is a CoolerMaster MasterLite 120 with push pull config. I don't know my ambient temp but our temperature outside sits at 31°C. Apparently 3.7 is the highest that I can go at 1.356 volts without crashing. Any inputs would really help, not really satisfied with 3.7 as it is just a 100mhz from the boost clock. If you guys do suggest to change my cooler, is there even a signifcant difference by going to a 240 aio? Update: even at 1.356 Volts, temps are sitting at 89°C