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  1. Sweet, Works for me.. guess i got a project tomorrow. TY
  2. OEM Windows and I'm one of the OCD's about the Watermark.
  3. Ya there is, forgot one SS. from Device Manager with Drive info. srry. add it to OP.
  4. I used to build my own rigs for Gaming and Iv'e always had a small curse where anything and I mean any rig I built for myself... always.. breaks down in like 6 months. Anything I build for others, would work great for years! So few years ago I bit the bullet and bought a pre-fab HP Omen. Well my gamer senses are tingly and I'd like to know if anyone knows of any tweaks to help boost performance. When I log into windows it takes 5-10 mins to load up when in the past it would take 15 secs. System a bit worn but I have been keeping up with backing up files and clearing HDD space. Will attack specs and dxdiag. If anyone needs any other info let me know, I'm not a computer god but I can muddle thru better then most. Side note, only thing(s) I added where 2 HDD's a 1TB and a 2TB. Thank you!