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  1. I’m wondering if its worth it to replace my 970 with a 2060, also I’m wondering if it’s worth it to spend $100 extra to get a 2060 super. I play games at 1080p 60hz.
  2. Ok. Should I wait till 3000 series before I upgrade? And if it did die I probably would’ve mentioned it
  3. A gtx 1050 would be a downgrade from what I currently have, I have a gtx 970, if it’s worth it to wait then ok.
  4. Yeah you should have enough money by the time they release. Idk how much money you earn tho so idk. If you are able to get the 3070 or 3080 it will definitely be a big upgrade over your 1080
  5. I know its definitely this year, It should be available in 2-4 months. It’s worth waiting.
  6. Try saving as much as you can. Nvidia ampere is coming soon so maybe u could eventually have a better gpu than you did before.
  7. That really sucks man. If you have any old gpus lying around or if you have onboard graphics you can do some light gaming for now.
  8. If you don’t want to have multiple monitors then I’m sure there is 4K 144hz monitors that exist. But they’re probably very expensive
  9. Try taking out one of your ram sticks, so there’s only 1 (assuming you have 2) then if no post still, try running the other one by itself as well.
  10. pibs

    GPU Issue?

    I’ve had this exact issue, it is most likely your psu. I had a crappy psu once and it did a similar thing before my psu completely stopped working. Buy a new psu.
  11. Not exactly sure what’s wrong, your gpu is definitely dead if part of it got burned. Check under the cooler if you haven’t. Also if you have a warranty maybe you can get another one. Also when it started doing this, did your pc immediately shut off or no.
  12. What is the psu you have?
  13. CAN WE PLEASE STOP THE WINDOWS ARGUMENT!!! I came here for advice, not to watch an argument about something that actually doesn’t matter that much.
  14. Ok, if it works then it’s fine with him. It just needs to be a reliable psu from a good brand.
  15. A watermark will be infuriating for him. He’s gonna buy a key from Microsoft no matter what people say. Also can we please stop this argument about windows? It’s not getting us anywhere.
  16. I’m not even sure he needs a psu, he has a 600w one in his old pc but I want a new one for him because it’s like 11 years old and I wouldn’t expect it to last much longer. 550 is probably enough but 650 or more may let him upgrade to better stuff in the future.
  17. I understand why he doesn’t wanna get a key from a reseller, keys are sold for one tenth of the price. But most people know that they are fine if you get them from the right website.
  18. It’s not super important, he just wants to take full advantage of his monitor
  19. Ok, I’ll tell him that it’s a better idea to buy the pc, without the graphics card and keep his 970 for a little bit, then upgrade his gpu to the 500$ gpu in the next generation.
  20. Please stop talking about windows, it’s not important cuz I already explained why I can’t get a key from a reseller
  21. I personally don’t think he’s overpaying, also he doesn’t want to keep the 970 as he wants to play 4K gaming properly
  22. He’s fine with any kind of cooling, he won’t overclock, also he wants to transfer the files from his old pc to his new one, which it exceeds 1tb, also he’s more concerned about getting a pc now than waiting for better performance.
  23. It doesn’t matter, I did tell him that cheap windows keys are fine but he won’t accept one of them so I can’t do anything about it.