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  1. I thought so too, but the case itself feels so much more hotter than it used to. Do you know what might be causing the drop in FPS? My settings in game are the same and I don’t have anything else open when I play.
  2. Yes, I checked the thermal paste as well and made sure to secure it properly. Under load, the temp for cpu and gpu seem to peak at around 65-70 degrees Celsius.
  3. Hello! I recently built a PC using my stepdad’s old components he upgraded from (AX370 Gaming k3 mb, ddr4 2133 mhz, ryzen 5 1500x and stock cooler) and new components I bought to finish it (Raidmax vortex 735W power supply, Firecuda Sshd, RTX 2060) and it ran fine for a while and would only ever get hot while gaming, even when I was streaming games like Sea of Thieves and Rainbow six siege. However, I recently updated the bios to support ryzen 3000 series and also bought a Blue Yeti microphone, and since I started using the Yeti, my computer has been very loud, running games at much lower FPS than normal (from 130-140 to 80-90) and gotten much hotter especially when I stream R6. I’m new to building computers so I am very confused as to why this might be happening. (temps for cpu and gpu peak around 70°C)