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  1. So I'm looking to buy an asus gl702zc-gc190t because i found one for 660 usd(brand new),and 500-700 usd is my budget. I dont know much about pcs and laptops(im using a 2012 samsung laptop) but i think the specs on the gl70 are good; though ive seen comments on youtube saying that theirs wont work properly after a year or something, and i really dont know anything about it. Will it be a worth it buy that will last up for years or will i just waste money, this is the best laptop i could find below 700 and i really dont wanna buy this if it wont last long. And the games i want to play that id be fine on medium or low are: witcher 3, destiny 2, and hopefully horizon zero dawn when it comes to pc. would the asus gl70 be an okay and long lasting answer. But if anyone knows a better laptop in the 700$ max price range please tell me(the reason i want a laptop is bc im hopefully going into college this year and portability is really really good)