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  1. thx soooo much ill probably wait then again thx.
  2. full budget is around €2000 my build right now is 2300 so theres some leeway and i live in belgium. ill be using it for only gaming and just watching yt. and no already have hi quality stuff.
  3. sorry its my first build can you maby recommend one to me
  4. Hello im a new builder and want to build my first build for around €2000. Im thinking about a cooling solution and cant decide between a noctua NH-D15 or a Corsair H150i triple fan rad. If you guys have any other solutions please let me know also what do you guys find a good case for around €100 with good clearance for the big cooler and wiring. Sorry for the read and the bad english. am new to the forum thanks for anyone that responds.