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  1. @-rascal- ah im not too sure about those settings other than the voltage and cores everything else is as is.. Case is Thermaltake level 20MT 3 front fans CPU cooler in the back 1 top
  2. @Bobbysixjp Thats what i was planning on doing but i really wanted to see if the 9700k was just THIS bad or if i got a faulty cpu. Also where did you sell your 9700k?
  3. @-rascal- all core 4.5 ghz and around 1.3 voltage and i thought the clocking was the issue aswell until i reset all the settings. also if the temps are good can it still be a cooler issue? Motherboard is a MSI edge z390 Also this is probably a dumb question but is it even possible for a cpu to work if its in the wrong direction
  4. @gloop black desert online GTA 5 Hyper Scape Apex Legends Even Fortnite All unstreamable for me
  5. i am using NVENC...also 90% of the usage is from the game itself
  6. I seriously need help, I just built a gaming pc and my cpu usage is extremely high specs are i7 9700k 4.5 GHz (for now) 2080 super h80i liquid msi edge I get good temps and good performance sometimes but on alot of games my cpu usage reaches 100, like alot. This is making it hard to have a smooth experience and I cant stream games AT ALL. This is so conflicting because people are streaming the games i try to with WORSE parts. I stocked out the GHz on the cpu to see if that would help but its the same result. Is there anything I can do or did i just get unlucky. I also saw through benchmarks that the i7 9700k has a higher usage than any other cpu in its class, but i dont think it should be to the point where im at a constant 90+ right?