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  1. It will takes time to get to my location zone, Also im a bit short in time and budget for the Ryzen 4000 laptops.
  2. Hello there, I am considering buying a new laptop for virtualisation practices. My current location and budget allows me to choose between 2 laptops : one with an I5 9300h and the other with a ryzen 7 3750h. Im considering the 9300h since it out performs the 3750h (after checking some benchmark webites) But, since most Intel CPU are vulnerable and security compromised, it's advised to disable some of the Intel CPU features like TSX or Hyper-Threading in order to prevent the Zombieload attack or Meltdown on the I5 9300h CPU. My question is : Which CPU should i go for performance and security wise for Virtualisation practices, Home lab and some Programming/Scripting ? And why? (Sorry for my poor eng)