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  1. To create backup, I want reinstall clean win atm I have a lot of crapware on HDD in windows folder winsxs or filerespository windows defender don't see anything can't delete and os install automatic wrong one. Just downloaded Rufus and clean ISO of win 10 and dunno if use this tool before install, MSMG ToolKit 10.1
  2. Hi I'm looking for professional driver support for my laptop, at hp.com I found outdated e drivers, I don't think support assistant is good,and dunno what correctly I should download cos windows install all what he want.At device manager i don't know should stay and what to delete..
  3. Hello I'm new here. My eng isn't so perfect. But I'm trying here to find maybe some star who could help me fix my machine. All was perfect after use tweaks from yf thedavestuff but after latest update my laptop start crazy things. My manufacturer installed some crap things deep inside and I can't delete it. All drivers go crazy all block and I had to reinstall again. And still same. Now I reset to factory settings and install drivers what I got. W/o internet. I really dunno where to go to search for help. If some could look on log and help me setup this nice machine would be nice.