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  1. Across games it is very varied, fortnite uncapped fps is getting 20-100fps more, while games like cities skylines and gtav are getting staying the same or getting no more than 10fps more (i thought it might have something to do with memory in those games though, because they are supposed to be memory intensive i think.) In warzone with dxr off i get ~120fps Also i'm going to overclock it then, but 1: Should i only do it for the first 4 cores, all cores, or the first ccx group 2: I want to start with a voltage and then move the clock up, so what is fair voltage that wont be SUPER hot or whatever (so not 1.4)?
  2. Is this overclock a stupid idea? Ryzen 5 2600 @3.4 base and 3.9 boost overclocked/underclocked/f'ed with COMPLETELY for the purpose of gaming?
  3. So overclocking the cpu or having a faster cpu in general is what i need for better fps? Is that why the new intel cpu's boost much higher on only a few cores, the ones that would be used by the game? Edit: I'm not sure if you're aware, but a person used a cmd shortcut to run fortnite with a different affinity than normal, it could be calculated for each different cpu. Is that getting the game to use more than just 4 cores or whatever?
  4. Corsair TX750M 80+ gold? Edit: or 650 if the wattage is fine. (i know i'm trying to go for cheaper ones but surely 80+ gold is good) Also do you think that is the bottle neck of the system?
  5. i did use ddu to do it and its got xmp on
  6. All the bios and drivers and everything are up to date and its on high performance power plan.~ low end in terms of watts?
  7. Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600 Mobo: Gigabyte B450m gaming Psu: Corsair vs650 80+ bronze Ram: Trident z rgb 2x8gb 3200mhz Gpu: gigabyte rtx 2070 windforce 2x 8gb reinstalled drivers multiple times and reinstalled windows temps during the benchmarks reached 78c power and temp limit are locked and at max
  8. I very recently (yesterday) replaced my old 1050 ti with an RTX 2070 (gigabyte windforce 2x) to go with the Ryzen 5 2600. I went into multiple different games to try and experience the exhilarating new performance, only to find that in most of them, the fps had only improved very slightly, another thing i noticed through multiple programs was that in these low fps games, there didn't seem to be any component above 55% utilization. This got me quite confused, so i looked around and i have tried absolutely everything i could find to fix the issue, but still nothing seams to have worked. The biggest increase came from setting the pcie gen to 3 from auto in the bios (apperently it can set new gpu to gen 2 for some reason), but in unigine heave, it only gave an average fps increase by 10fps.