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  1. The sound happens at random, i have read some stuff about it, but the manufacturer advice, i havent seen anywhere else. What do you think about it? (the english is kinda bad aswell) Kinda an old picture, maybe an old advice aswell? I currently have it like the first picture.
  2. offtopic: I envy your prices. in Chile a 2060s was 610. After a faulty one i switched to 5700xt (saphire nitro+ SE) for 660.
  3. When i just finished setting up my new rig i encountered this, then it stopped happening. Happened on one game, tried another and didnt, when back to previous game and it was fine. Usually only happens on fullscreen, so borderless window would be better.
  4. So no workaround other than use different gpu to display each one?, it keeps happening at random, i am testing a full "3d" game with dx12, and a smaller 2d one, was 60hz (with or without chrome opened) , when to try the other game, normal 144hz, went back to the 2d game, 144hz.... (Monster hunter world and Nova Drift) What settings do you mean? kinda new on AMD enviroment. But yeah, is not that you cant set the refresh rates, its just that windows lowers the frecuency of the higher one on fullscreen application, i remember i had no problems with different GPU for each display, but i stopped checking after a while. I have also read that even with different gpu it will glitch out. So theres really no solution?
  5. I want one monitor at 144hz and the other at 60hz, windows for some reason lowers the 144hz to 60hz when on fullscren (not happening right now, no idea why)
  6. They are configured as extended display Different monitors, different refresh rate Asus Vg278q on display port Dell P2419h on HDMI (was on display port before but it was the same, used hdmi on my old config to the IGPU) both connnected to a sapphire 5700xt nitro+.
  7. In 2017 i couldnt find any solution, only workaround was connect secondary monitor to another gpu (IGPU). Is ther any solucion nowdays? The problem is when you have dual monitor setup with different refresh rates, a fullscreen aplication will lower its refresh rate to the lowest of the 2. I got an 9600KF this time around since i didnt want to pay extra $51 for the K version. Can you do anything else? i thought this would be fixed by windows by now, maybe they just cant. Then again an IGPU would help my 5700XT lower its power compsumption since it draws more on multi monitor setup.
  8. So, 4 days ago i instaled this card on my new rig And not even stressing it (only tested a game to see the fps increase) it "died", i started my pc the next day and rip. No post, no boot, qled and beeps say "rip gpu", and since i dont have an igpu i couldnt do much. I reseted the cmos, cleaned gpu contacts, tried another pci-e slot, changed power cables, everything you can think off. Finally a friend brought his pc and we confirmed it was the GPU. Now declared dead i tried the last ditch effort, the newborn reanimation, i hit it a couple of times on different places. And to my surprise, it worked again. I played some demanding game for 30mins and then a simple game with some friends (duck game) and when i restarted the game, the game freezed with the task manager. After some tries and loggin out and in again, i restarted the PC and again no post. Left the PC unplugged for the day, next day, it booted again, but i didnt wanted to use it. Now this morning i did a simple test, started demanding game, left it for 30mins on, then i restarted the PC. GPU dead. Seems weird that the GPU isnt dead fully, since it still shows image it just cant work for 3d enviroment and cant post. The card has a qled on board that shows when blinking that the card is good, and it is like that all the time. Now i have to RMA it but in my country it will take at least 2 weeks to get another one. Any idea what could be happening? maybe bad soldering and the heat screws something up? my specs if needed: i5 9600kf asus z390 strix h kingston predator 3200mhz 8gb x2 evga 700w br (bronze) 3 hdd 2 ssd nvme
  9. Greetings, this will be my first post, but i follow the YT channel for some years now. I have a regular case with a "solid" front I have read about airflow and recomendations, ended up putting the radiator on top pulling cold air into the radiator and into the case. Now my problem is asthetics. The coolmaster AIO and the Bitfenix fan next to it have different lighting (and one controlled via case and the other MB). So the better solution was to get anoter Bitfenix fan and set the radiator on the back (in the front wont show). What could i do with the airflow? i didnt want to just put a Bitfenix fan on the radiator, because the Coolermaster has better specs. So, i heard is not recommendend to use hot air from the case to push into the radiator, so, is it too crazy to pull air on the back and front and push it out from the top? i would still have 3 for intake and 2 for exhaust(plus hot air rises). Before i only had the back fan for exhaust. Anyways, thanks for anything you guys can comment about.