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  1. also, many thanks to you i will try out these setting if i have time to!
  2. yeeeeah, i pressen f1, then f5 to retore defaults and booted again without docp and now everything runs smooth like butter, thanks a low guys!! i feel like that chancing the grafics card might have been a bit too early but whatever
  3. thanks, i will try that out!
  4. nope, what would the optimized defaults be?
  5. Hello Guys! I have a strange problem with my pc. Last friday it suddenly started suttering like hell at first during games and then even on the desktop. I did not chance a single thing and on that day it suddenly started. I did re-install my graphics driver, installed a new windows and everything else. but it was still here and after re-installing windows i couldnt even install the graphics driver anymore It always crashed. I assumed that it was the graphics card (rx 5700xt from xfx) and told amazon about it. they said i could send it back and i ordered a nvidia rtx 2060 super. Specs: Ryzen 5 3600 Asus Prime B450M-A 32gb ddr4-3200 g.skill aegis pny rtx 2060 super (before that xfx rx 5700xt) be quiet system poiwer 9 600W https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GKPbmekvcPVc9pJVOzU9sSse79loppsg?usp=sharing in the drive folder you can see a video of how the games are "performing". But now with the new graphics card i re-installed a fresh windows and at first, everything was going fine, but then suddenly it started again it it the same as before... i have no clue on what i should do now, maybe you guys could help me? kind regards from austria, Michael