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  1. Summary HDfury releases a device, that seperates the (e)ARC stream in HDMI and forwards this directly to the audio source. This eliminates the lip-sync issues a lot TV manufatures have and also enables users to get the latest sound standards on older TVs that don't support the new eARC standard, only offer very limited audio transcoding possiblities or no ARC feature at all. Quotes My thoughts This will reduce e-waste from people upgrading their fine TVs just because they want to get the latest sound standards and it also promises to get rid of many other issues for example the lip-sync problem many TVs have that are basically unsolveable (the adjustment in the TV usually only let you more delay, which only exaggerates the problem). It also gets rid of issues from TVs that don't send correct EDID information (for example no lip-sync delay adjustments, wrong audio format support, etc.) and also lets the last device in the chain do the sound decoding, which is the best practice. All in all, this device ensures that TVs can be future-proofed sound wise. This is especially relevant for users of the Sonos Arc, as the Arc only has one HDMI port, which means you currently can't route audio+video through the soundbar to circument the issues like you can do with older/other soundbars). I really like this, it's a must-have in my opinion for people that want to use the latest standards (in audio). Also, this is a one-of a kind product. Currently, no product like this exists, even though other companies like Feintech promised to work on a simliar product (source: https://feintech.eu/homecinema-hdmi-matrix-switch-vsw04202#comment-4889) Sources https://www.hdfury.com/product/4k-arcana-18gbps/ https://www.reddit.com/r/sonos/comments/hisg4n/hdfury_arcana_preorder_open_outputs_earc_to_sonos/