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  1. I wanted to first chose a phone, then look around for the best deal
  2. I'm looking for a new phone. my requirements: performance (I can't stand slow phones, but it doesn't have to be anything special, just has to last 2 years without getting too slow) usb-c battery (needs to last an intensive day, mostly so the battery doesn't become unusable soon) build quality (my last 2 phones were cheep (xiaomi and honor) and one bent, the other just stopped working, i would prefer if possible for it to be from a brand with a good reputation with built quality unlocked I would LOVE for it to be water resistant, but i realize this is difficult to find in this price range Don't care about: screen (can be LCD, can be pretty low resolution) camera (as long as a picture of a document is OK i don't care, for everything else i have a better camera) if its new, as long as its still pretty functional (I'min Australia if it matters) Any help would be greatly appreciated edit: im an idiot, hard budget is 500 usd, but I'm not gonna say no to a cheaper option
  3. I recently had to factory reset my honor 8x. I have tried to get google services on it but the method i tried was patched. If anyone knows a way to do it that still works I would be infinitely grateful.