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  1. I was thinking something like that. Maybe in 2-3 years to buy all new and just to have something now to get by.
  2. Ok, thank you for your suggestion. It is appreciated!
  3. Im not happy about that, on the other hand I cannot expect some stellar performance from 7 year old platform.
  4. Ok, would you be able to guess how big of a difference would that be? Just to point out, I have 1440p screen with max 60fps, so there is no reason to have more then that.
  5. Thank you your input! Do you have 3gb or 6gb version?
  6. Wouldn't that be huge bottleneck? CPU wouldn't be able to keep up? I really don't know this stuff so sorry if I ask stupid questions.
  7. Cmon guys, please don't turn this into fight over PSU, GPU, drivers and what not. I just asked what can I use with my current setup, there is no need for WW3 over this.
  8. I will not upgrade my platform I want to use my i5 4570 and everything else which is in the case. That is why I don't see a point in upgrading to best of the best.
  9. 2060 ia around 350 euro, 1660 super around 270-300 euro, 5700 and XT 380-420 euro, 5600 xt 370 -400 euro.
  10. I dont care if its AMD or Nvidia, Im wondering what can I get which will do ok/good with what I have.
  11. I could go AMD also, I don't mind. What Im interested is best experience even if I have to give extra 50-70 euros.
  12. Hi all! I have old PC with i5 4570 inside, I would like to upgrade my current GPU ( AMD 7850 2gb), also 16gb of ddr3. I have 1440p screen ( Dell U2715h) and I would like to use it as best as possible. Games that I play are something like Anno 1800, Battlefield, Starcraft 2, Deus ex, etc.. but Im not competitive gamer nor I require 10^99 FPS, 60 fps is more then fine for me. (I know more is better and that is all good, Im not ready to commit to buy everything new at this point). I enjoy graphic fidelity more then all that fps, so I was thinking to buy 2060 super or 1660 super. Im not sure what I gain/lose if I go with either of this option so I would appreciate your input. Could someone please give me some suggestions? Thank you!