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  1. Oh boy i just scudded. Just get a different doc DUH . Sorry its be a long day.
  2. I am building a computer and i have a really nice wired keyboard and mouse. My dad and i share the station (mouse, keyboard, monitor). We currently have a usb-c doc that we both can plug in and everything is plugged in. Is there a solution out there were we can share the station. I am trying to keep from having to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  3. I just ordered the MSI MAG B550 TOMAHAWK AM4 ATX Motherboard and i am wanting suggestion on a pcie wifi/bluetooth card. Will be upgrading to wifi 6 soon.
  4. Fantastic thank you so much. I am currently doing java, C++,C# and database management practice to build up my resume for my job-search,
  5. I am putting together a parts list to build my first computer. I will be using it for programing and everyday use. I also want to be able to play some games. I am wanting to try and get it under $800 if possible. I was wondering if there is anywhere i can trim some fat. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/kTyjrV