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  1. xDice

    FPS Issue?

    I don't use any old drivers the whole system is a fresh start / booted / format clean start Drivers iv been installed manually and not by experience ! And there is many other videos ! H's hitting 70-80 avg fps at 1440p
  2. xDice

    FPS Issue?

    Hi everyone i was hoping if some one could help me find a solution about the problem i keep facing (idk whats wrong) So yeah i'm gamer and like 2 days ago i did a huge upgrade on my pc ! : PC SPEC: CPU I9 9900k / 32GB ram at 3600mhz / GPU RTX 2060 / WC NZXT Z3 / Monitor the new Gaming Samsung Odyseey G7 27''-DP (at the same card running 2 side monitors 27' each one with HDMI's) Playing games such COD warzone/Arma 3/Rust/Dayz / mmorpgs but atm lets focus at FPS games ! According the web benchmarks with this kind of Build/card i supposed to have at least 100 fps on COD warzone but i do have 40-50! not even on max settings !That apply at the rest games as well but i pick this game cause is kind of famous ATM! Players with worst setups reaching over 100..! I did check everything , i did tried many in game settings ! i did check hardware TEMPS! everything looks normal and everything is at their default settings ! But still having fps issues/drops Forget to mention that i'm running at 1440p with G-sync enabled ! Spend like 8 hours today keep reading around the web and i haven't find any solution yet!Everyone says something diff ! At the begin i tho the problem was the pci slot of the card was wrong... but is not ! Second tho was the airflow in case but all the temps looks normal ! Then i start wonder about the panel "Odyseey G7 27'' came out like 3 days ago ! 240hz .. is that the issue? If you have any question feel free to ask or if you know something that i don't also please feel free to tell me