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  1. so ive played some csgo deathmatch and here is hwmonitor
  2. my bad, im a forum noob well at this point i dont care i might flash it tbh, also my psu is evga 650bq like, i dont think its psu, since in gpu intense games it supplies needed power unless i lower graphics settings
  3. The thing is what ever ive tried my gpu usage is so low man, sometimes it spikes higher and the games are so smooth but that lasts only 1 or 2 seconds yep xmp is enabled, okay i will play some csgo and come back with temps
  4. when i monitor with afterburner it says its 3,8GHz
  5. even if im not playing games or?
  6. my current temp sits at 38,5 degrees celsius
  7. okay, ive made sure that no fps limiting or power saving feature is enabled my psu is evga 650 bq
  8. Ive updated everything possible at this point, also radeon software is at its defaults Hmm, okay, i will actually do that right now
  9. nope, everything is running at low percentages
  10. Hello everyone, ever since ive built my pc (1 year and 4 months ago), ive been having stutter in every game ive played. Ive tried everything: upgraded to dual channel ram, DDU properly a few times, clean windows install a few times, capped my fps (only worked in ark survival evolved), upgraded BIOS, removed all overclock etc. etc. I have acctually high fps in games, but i think its stuttering due to my frametimes, so i capped my fps in all games, ex. in csgo i capped it yet it was still stuttering(uncapped i get around 200-300 fps), also my gpu usage is not consistent.My PC performs amazingly in every benchmark but in every game though its different, its almost as if its limited by something.I also changed my monitor about a week ago to 144hz monitor and still the problem is there. Also none of my components seem to throttle. My specs: rx vega 56 ryzen 5 2600 g.skill aegis 3000mhz 2x8gb ASUS prime b350-plus hdd 1tb seagate barracuda ssd 256gb intenso(my OS is on it) So yeah, i hope someone can help me solve this issue, i have it ever since ive built this pc and its quite frustrating, thanks in advance!