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  1. Welp, 2080Ti jus sold out at Best Buy. Pretty sure everyone now is hoarding theirs and/or scalpers are buying up the 2080Tis
  2. Email today from IceGiant. TLDR: ETA was originally September, but is now October/November cuz they goofed on the structural integrity of a component. The following is the exact email, word for word, picture by picture from Ice Giant:
  3. Samsung TV lol I have a third one hidden away! The one with 3 things plugged in was originally for my consoles (which I have since sold). Looking at it again yea i don't need it anymore and will squirrel it away now. The foldable desk is for extra misc stuff like remote controls to keep em away from my keyboard space. Though since I sold all my consoles, one of my entertainment centers is literally full of empty space I spose I should put the peripherals in there instead. I am getting an actual PC monitor though (the reason why I bought 2 dressers & the countertop). If I'm using a monitor I have to be up close, and I have an ottoman so entertainment centers have no space underneath for my ottoman.
  4. I want to manage my cables. Preferably hide them. Drilling into my own furniture is fine; running wires inside the wall is not. Do I buy "race strips"? All-in-one cable management packs from Ikea? Something from Amazon? Note that my two entertainment centers in the pix below will soon be replaced by two Ikea Alex dressers and one Ikea Karlby countertop. This will allow me more room, but will also make my lack of cable management more visible, which is why I'm writing this in the first place to seek help in preparation for that.
  5. Yes, but then the question becomes: Does SLC Caching affect game loading times? In the case of the Rocket Q, it has a "dynamic cache" which uses 2TB of free space in order to reach advertised speeds. Once formatted, the 8TB becomes 6.8TB, so does that mean I can only load up the Rocket Q to 4.8TB (leaving 2TB free space), after which the SSD will operate at HDD speeds???
  6. 8TB Sabrent Rocket Q (SB-RKTQ-8TB) with QLC flash 4TB Sabrent Rocket (SB-ROCKET-4TB) with TLC flash Assuming I load up both SSDs to near-max with games, which one will bottle-neck my game loading times because of SLC-caching shenanigans? Both? Am I misunderstanding SLC Caching? eg. if I load up the Rocket Q with 6TB worth of games (leaving 800GB free space left), will all my games now load at 100-200MBs speed (HDD) levels?
  7. Yes, the extra $500 basically went to: Extra SSD (NVMe) ($90) Paying for a Windows 10 copy ($130) Micro Center assembly ($200) 750W PSU ($140) My reasoning at the time is fourfold: Bias and stigma towards a pre-built PC being marketing shennigans with inferior parts at inflated prices with possible bloat ware The 9400F base speed being only 2.9Ghz The assumption that my house-mate would use it for working from home (he isn't, he's keeping his work laptop) The wrong assumption that the 1660 Super Mini ITX was better The issue was that I was expecting the entire 1TB drive to be unallocated (so that all I had to do was set it up as a Simple Volume) It wasn't entirely unallocated, it had "System Reserved" on it despite the fact that Windows (boot manager etc) was installed on an entirely separate drive (the NVMe) Thx to @tonyfweb I now know why that is the case, but at the time I didn't understand what was going on which is why I took to the forums.
  8. Since my friend has already installed one game on the C drive, when I initialize the second drive for him I'm gonna have him cut and paste the game files to the 1TB. How do I change all file paths for the game from C to E (the 1TB) so the PC knows where to look for it? Also what's up with the 1TB having a "system file" partition and an uninitialized partition? wth is that "system file" thing? it won't mess anything up if i format it to one single partition, right?
  9. I thought the base speed of the CPU on the Ryzen being higher would give it the advantage =.= EDIT: I also didn't realize the 1660 Super was inferior to the 1660Ti until too late too ;;
  10. Do you guys know as to why there's a partition on the other SSD called "System File"? Cuz I accessed Disk Management for him fully expecting an easy fix (formatting the SATA SSD to make it show up) but I am perplexed as to what this "system file" partition is and that is what made me stop to seek advice on this forum before I reinstalled everything (if that was even the right course of action).
  11. There's three things keeping me back from building a PC (based on previous attempts): Is the CPU pinned down and snapped in place? (insert image of me pushing down hard on the CPU to make sure its seated) Are the RAM sticks properly seated? (insert image of me REALLY trying to force the RAM in so that the "clips" make a nice "click" sound. And when I say force, I really used a lot of force and the "clips" just wouldn't make that sound) Is the GPU properly seated? It looks weird (insert image of me REALLY trying to force the GPU in) (me trying to replace my GPU with a newer one, but trying to preserve the old one so i can sell it) Whoa, how come this thing won't come out? (insert image of me REALLY trying to tear the thing out of the PCI Express socket) Every incident except the GPU was circa 2006-ish. GPU was 2015? At no time did I ever exert so much force that it destroyed or bent any component, but I'd like to think that I was about to. So imagine me taking 30m-1h (rough estimate its been so long) to do something like trying to remove the GPU without breaking it. What he was gonna get: What I made him buy instead: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 CPU Asus ROG Strix B450-F mobo be quiet! Pure Rock 2 Black CPU Cooler Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut G.SKILL Trident Z Royal Series 16GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB SSD Team Group GX1 960GB SSD Corsair CX750M PSU GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1660 SUPER MINI ITX OC 6G gpu MAINGEAR Vybe RGB Tempered Glass ATX Mid-Tower - Black ASUS PCE-AC56 PCI Wireless Express Adapter
  12. Disk 1 (C) is the only one that shows up under "My Computer". Disk 0 (the SATA SSD) shows up only in Disk Management with TWO partitions (one of them being unallocated) ....so they installed Windows on both SSDs?! Same reason why I'm a cashier instead of an electrician like my friend who wanted me to study with him 4 years ago (who is now making bank as an electrician): I'm not very good with problem-solving/trouble-shooting things with my hands. ie, a cash machine at a bank won't accept coins? I give it a good whack and press buttons. Building a PC which requires careful handling of delicate exposed circuitry? PC will most likely die by my "trouble-shooting". ...this is also the reason why I don't clean out the inside of my PC for dust. Cuz when I use an aerosol can I sometimes see water droplets coming out and water + electronics = bad (idk what i'm doing wrong to make water droplets come out instead of just air)
  13. Easy fix? Imma have to reinstall Windows! MicroCenter charges $150 to assemble your PC, + $50 to install Windows 10. Not only did they install the OS in the SLOWEST SSD, they didn't even make that SSD show up for use AT ALL.