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  1. don't poke like "another forum" again and again
  2. Need minimalistic design
  3. mechanical keybaord price is equivalent to 2x8gb 3600mhz ram, that is too costly
  4. .dont like redragon brand
  5. ashkingansh

    ACER KG271C

    anybody know about how much SRGB, ARGB or DCI-P3 does acer kg271c have? i want monitor for gaming 144hz 1080p, recommend me some if you know good one other than this in same price point, all prices in INR or rupees MONITOR ACER KG271C 144HZ 1MS >> 17,577 MD / 14,999 AMAZON ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. do these keyboard and mouse are good consedring the price point, i not the tell me some at the same price, all price are in INR or indian currency Rupees KEYBOARD LOGITECH G213 PRODIGY >> 3,550 MD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOUSE LOGITECH G102 PRODIGY >> 1,533 MD / 1,460 PRIME ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. thanks for the tip bro, your reply is noted, i will change the motherboard
  8. msi a-pro is priced same as gigabyte UD AC, yeah tomahawk and VISION-G is too overpriced do you want me to switch to MSI A-Pro z490, i don't a know anything about VRM solution, suggest me the best
  9. too old case, doesn't meet with the today's RGB standard
  10. how good is GIGABYTE Z490 UD AC ? i am just buying beacuse it has WIFI, if it is not good then recommend some with reason
  11. RM series is too overpriced in india
  12. but i am not sure about PSU, what about it? for 5700 XT
  13. he was using i5- 9400F, and corsair VS550 for benchmark when he faced the issue of frame drops and instability