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  1. Also anyone know in a variable how to detect in a variable like if i want to detect if a var is anywhere from 50-59, can i just detect 5_ and aslong as the numbe is 50 something then it will detect
  2. ah ok i figured it out i removed the var for var started donw on the bottom and added the if (started === "yes"){ before channel.send
  3. Here is the relevant code: var Started = "no"; // other stuff // HERE IS WHERE THE CODE IS client.on('ready', () => { var channel = client.channels.find(channel => channel.id === '740342329973538858'); console.log("we in bois"); setInterval(() => { channel.send({ embed: { meesage } }); }, 10000); }); // other stuff if (msg.content === "start") { var Started = 'yes'; console.log = 'no'; } // another one of the above for no I cant figure out how to make an if statement to always check whether or not started is yes or no. I need to start when it is yes and stop when it is no (the code I'm talking about is the HERE IS WHERE THE CODE IS)
  4. depends, if using a router vpn conencted to your homr network, your isp still has your data, but if you use private internet access(lol) or nordvpn, that has a no log policy, there is a higher chance of staying anonymous. Countries outside of the five eyes group like England, US, Canada, etc can spy on you but nord, which is based in panama, is not part of these organizations, so it is more anonymous, but nothing is truly anonymous.
  5. @Results45 @irajacobs# here it is
  6. i got windows vista lol or xp
  7. ok, but do you know if the tri core vs quad core processor both @1.5 ghz should make a difference
  8. So i have a list of them from the asus compare site but i don't know which one is good for vpn but also has decent speed and security. These are just the ones i am thinking about. I am open to suggestions still. https://www.asus.com/us/Product-Compare/?products=2stih2y7a4vufmyb,qwey5ev1e2svejlg,FuSr2UwZNsqc7PRa&b=0 I am using vpn for like when i am in hotels etc. also i think it is open vpn
  9. no i mean i want to use unraid vms, but seeing the video again, it said can't use the same peripherals on the vms at the same time, as i am trying to do 1 tower and 2 pc gamers at the same time, but i don't know if it will work.
  10. 2 pc 1 tower and at least im trying to use the same model of peripherals per machine just so i can take less space for towers because im thinking of using a 3950x, also maybe 1v1 lan games with other people.
  11. So i watched that 2 pc one tower video again, but wondered because it was made 4 years ago, there might be a way to use same peripherals for both virtual machines? What i also want to do (if even possible) is try to have 1 cpu and 2 graphics cards, but when i am not using the second machine, to allocate the rest of the cpu + have access to the second graphics card as another display output for the system. I also want to watercool/rgb but i dont know if that would be possible because the host system would be a web terminal if i used unraid(unless i can use windows as the host?). I don't know, to be honest, if anything will work, but wanting to use the same peripherals would look a lot better. Also, just wanted to see if i could have separate 10 gig nics because overkill?
  12. So i was kinda thinking about maybe rack mounting a few pcs in a room and use a link box over fiber optic or wirelessly or something else to play pc games at 1440p 144hz without having pcs everywhere, but can't find any viable solution. Most of them like icron are only usb, that means there is still audio and display port/hdmi that i need to deal with. I wanted to put a wall plate where each pc(or wireless) and plug in mouse, keyboard, headset, and monitor into like an end box from the pc. Any suggestions, because i dont want to have to have route seperate cables to each wallplate.
  13. like over internet? because i don't have the fastest internet to stream all of that wirelessly, unless there are wireless adapters that can do 1440p 144hz?
  14. Wait, what if I rack mount them and use like an ethernet or fiber optice cable the transfer audio, display, and input