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  1. ok so i figured it out the ssd is just bad
  2. i don’t have another pc lol
  3. i have no clue. i can’t find the ssd in the boot options neither can i tell if it’s broken
  4. i can show you boot order as well.
  5. and now that i’m fully awake i can provide a couple photos the first one is the point i get to when pressing escape the second is me selecting boot options and the third is what happens when i click one, now my problem is that i don’t see my ssd and i don’t know how to connect it or to show if it’s bad or corrupted
  6. I can’t even boot into windows recovery. I have a system restore i would’ve tried that already but it just won’t even get past attempting boot from hard drive
  7. it is f10 for computer setup and f9 for boot device but even when i select a device it just boots me back into the “attempting boot from hard drive” screen
  8. So i was on a game and it started crashing so on instinct i turned off my pc and i was met with the message attempting boot from hard drive so i tried everything like bios disabling uefi because legacy worked and trying to boot from default settings. i’m no tech person but help?