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  1. Budget (including currency): 1300 € ( About 1,984 $ Canadian) Country: Germany Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming / Coding / Programming / Photoshop / Light video editing Hello there , So basically i'm a university student and i love to game. Previously i thought of buying a gaming laptop but in laptops for this budget , the performance just ain't there , and we all know about the heating issues these gaming laptops go through. So now i'm thinking of building a gaming pc , the only problem is that it should be portable. I've seen some videos on youtube and on LTT channel , but the build kind of exceeds my budget. I'll attach some pics for the type of build i'm talking about. Basically i live in a university dorm and it won't make sense to build a full scale pc coz then it just makes it hard when i'm shifting or going some other city for internships,etc . So i should be able to take this mini/portable gaming setup with me when i'm moving cities , that's my only concern. My budget is around 1300 € and i'd be happy if i could get a 15-19 inch small and portable monitor in this aswell. I am really not very good with computers so bare with me! Looking forward to your replies.