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  1. Just an update on progress. Having ordered the Ryzen i5-3600, which was a series 3 I found most of the 450's didn't show the series 3 as an option, maybe as they were showing old data. Anyhoos, I bit the bullet and ordered an Asus AM4 TUF x570 (wi-Fi) ATX, and 2x 8GB DDR4-3200 UDIMM, I already have a passive Graphics card, so hopefully it will all be compatible, and I can then finally complete the update to Win10. It's registered etc, but just freezes after a minute or two, and the Z87 chipset was marked as not being compatible, and mine being Z77 I guess it's the same issue. Now I have figured out what most of the terms mean, and which things are backward compatible, Having reached an elevated age, I hopefully will not need another update until I am in my box. Thanks for giving me the starting point.
  2. Thank you for the replies so far. Not that I have really looked at mATX, as when I did a while back they were limited on USB ports and stuff. I also hadn't had that understanding that they matched up to the ATX case. So there's a possibility, and to be honest I had never heard of Ryzen until earlier today. So, more food for thought.
  3. Thanks for the fast response, I was intending to purchase the board from the USA, and I have a GEForce GT1030 Graphics handy if it would work. My previous board didn't like it, and ran its own graphics quite happily. I don't know it would make a difference, I suspect not, I was intending to get the CPU in the UK, for reasons too devious to mention....
  4. Sorry as a newbie I maybe tripping over my feet, but here goes. For a story too long to tell I am needing to upgrade from My i5 LGA1155 socket Motherboard. Which seems to be totally incompatible with Win10. My problem is I do not want a "Gaming Board" with all the flashing led lights and bells and whistles, and having been out of PC circles for a while I do not have my fingers on the pulse, and circumstances are forcing me to buy something in the next few days. It's used for spreadsheets, Docs, photo processing, and the odd video render, a little bit of ACAD and Netflix. I finally settled on an i5 8400 (300series) processor. I had to start somewhere. Maybe it is just the (300series) part, but all the boards I see seem to be gaming, or very expensive. I want an ATX as then I can use my very old, and much updated case. I am getting much too long in the tooth to want to get a wizzy micro case, and as I cannot easily import a new box without silly levels of import duty. It is not really worth the expense or effort. So after the long preamble, are there any sensibly priced MoBo's that work with that CPU, or should I be getting away from a CPU that is (300 series). Thanks for reading and any input received.