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  1. So I did get it going with diskpart. Thanks guys. When I was done I put it back in the external enclosure. Put a bunch of files on it for some transferring. It died. Nothing will recognize it now. I guess I don't really need it but it only took a handful of repartitions and formats and one 0-sector wipe to destroy it.
  2. I bought a new Asus TUF fx505du. Came with a Kingston ssd 250ish gb as the windows drive. I used Macrium to clone the drive to a new/bigger Samsung Evo via creating an image and restoring it to the new drive. Somewhere along the way I lost my mind and wiped the old drive and created a new partition with partition wizard AND deleted the image I had created. I had some unrelated issues and wanted to try a fresh reinstall of w10. Wanted to try it out on the old drive before wiping my Evo. The windows 10 installer is misreading my Kingston drive is a 2048mb and won't let me install, wipe partitions or format or anything. It is recognized properly in the bios and according to Windows disk manager (on another computer, in a external enclosure) AND partition wizard the drive is setup as gpt and working fine,correct size and all. What is the deal? Help. Edit: it is an nvme drive.