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  1. Well, the processor is gonna be the R5 3600 and the case will be phanteks eclipse p400a digital RGB, so pretty good airflow... Thank you!
  2. I was wondering if you need an aftermarket cpu cooler if you're not going to overclock it... So, do you need one?
  3. Hey, I have a question: If you have a motherboard without Bluetooth, does that mean you can't play wireless with the Anne Pro 2? Thank you!
  4. Okay, thank you for the advice! ;D
  5. Hey, I was wondering what is considered a lightweight headset... Like, how many grams? Maybe any suggestions? Thank you!
  6. I edited it! Thanks for letting me know...
  7. Hello, I was wondering if someone had a good suggestion for a case. I live in the Netherlands so we pay with euro's. My budget is around 70-90 euro's. Mobo: I'm going to use an ATX motherboard, the aorus b550 Elite. Graphics card: Sapphire Pulse rx 5600 xt PSU: Corsair CXM 550 watt 80+ bronze semi-modular. Storage: 500 GB Kingston A2000 m.2 ssd and a 1 tb 3.5 inch hdd. Processor: Ryzen 5 3600. (+the cooler that comes with it) RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x8 Thank you!
  8. 1 more thing. Do you advice the MSI rx 5600 xt gaming x more than the Sapphire Pulse?
  9. Hydoxuos

    Anne Pro 2

    Okay, thank you!
  10. Hydoxuos

    Anne Pro 2

    Hey, I was wondering if it is possible to switch the USB-c cable from the Anne Pro 2. Like buy another black one, because I don't really like the red one... Please let me know!
  11. Okay! Still thanks tho...
  12. Okay! Hey, can I add you on discord, you're a very knowledgeable person...
  13. And, which one do you recommend from these 2?