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  1. yeah m8 look lol ama try to find me a mechanic or just use the noctua nuts screws. trying to figure something out. check these vids https://imgur.com/gallery/bjUhPbp https://imgur.com/gallery/2v2rO2E
  2. hi good day lads. bought a tr cooler and i cant return it, shipping costs more than the item soo not worth it, selling it also not an option no one will buy it. i saw a method (down below), got excited and decided to buy the mounts, however is it possible to drill a hole on the dark pro mounting bar? il send it to a mechanic and he'll drill it, plus are the noctua m4 mounts screws detachable? im talking about the ones with the spring. made a vid on how things are, forgive me for the shitty quality. 1- i clear view, i switched sides after. https://imgur.com/gallery/2v2rO2E 2-i mounted the whole thing, i didnt have noctua screws so i had to order another kit. https://imgur.com/gallery/bjUhPbp
  3. thanks alot man! i just ordered it, how's the cooler now? any issues? btw the screws from the kit did u remove them and put them on the dark pro? can u take off the hallow screws? https://imgur.com/gallery/bjUhPbp i made it! but the screws..
  4. hi, basically im fucked, cuz im too stupid to read the item description before buying. im using a 570x tomahawk mobo with 3800x. is it possible to use the dark rock pro tr4 as a cooler? using noctua mount kits or anything. god please help. i cant return this thing costs more than the item around 200$. i offered it on some scuffed online market, still no buyers. im in oman right now soo basically completely fucked..all i got is amazon. heeeeeeeeeeeelp! edit: i tried this but the nut screw is missing i ordered a kit from amazon ama try to put it on. no audio https://imgur.com/gallery/2v2rO2E https://imgur.com/a/bjUhPbp
  5. m8 please im begging you, i did the same fuck up. bought the tr4 thinking it will work on the 3800x. i've read the whole thing and the other guy post. so you recommend that i get a m4 socket from noctua and it will work, ? or should i follow Vishera guide? please m8 ive waited months to build this pc and now am fucked by this cooler, i cant even return it the shipping costs ass XD. does this thing help https://www.amazon.com/Swiftech-AM4-TR4-HPD-Threadripper-Socket-Mounting/dp/B07DN24RFS? thanks m8