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  1. Yep, its connected to the pump i believe, but why it doesnt work, when the pump does? And why it isnt recognozed by the software? Is it a good idea to use the warranty or it is a easy fix?
  2. The funniest thing is that the pump is still working so i can use the pc to browse the internet but cant play games bcouse the temperature gets too hot
  3. so I believe it's software not hardware issue, the change of cables didnt helped me, and i think that fans are detected but bios somehow set them to not run, as well as the display, i cant use bios too good, but the worst par about it is that i didnt change anything and it broke by itself
  4. I've reinstalled the software and still nothing, i've reconnected the connectors butthat doesnt help, they are plugged in the same places when the aio was working
  5. Hi guys, I have a problem with my aorus 360mm aio, everything was working perfect, for about 4 months, but yesterday when I was playing, my display on aio and fans have went off, the software doesnt detect the aio, rgb also turned off, the fans are detected in a 3rd party software but have 0 rpm, I tried reconnecting the cables but it doesn't seem to help, when I'm turning on my pc, the fans are starting to spin for like 1 second but then stopping, please help. PS. Sorry for my bad English but im really desperate for someone to help me, becouse noone in Poland seems to care D: