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  1. Budget (including currency): 100$ Country: China Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: OBS and other streaming related software. (Voicemod etc) Other details Asus Fm2+ Mobo Hey everyone This is my first post to this forum so I do apologise in advance if I brake any forum rules. I have come to China for our baby sons birth )my wife Chinese and she wanted to deliver the baby in china) To upgrade my existing FM2+ PC back home I recently bought an Asus FM2+ mobo for 100 RMB. There is a really cheap second hand market here so I can build a PC less than $100 which would have: AMD 860K (or 870k if I get lucky) Geforce 1050Ti Graphics Card 8GB DDR3 Ram Dedicated for AMD (I can go for 16GB since they go for around $10 for each stick) 120GB Lenovo SSD (Brand new) PSU+Case etc. Is this build will be good enough for a dedicated streaming PC? I'll be honest with you I actually do not need one. I have an I9 9900K with dual Zotac RTX2070 Super (NVI linked) and 32GB DDR 3000Mhz ram and MSI Optix 144hz (UWQHD) monitor. But I wanna experiment with 1 and 2 PC streaming systems and as I said second hand market is really really cheap here. This second PC I build will only be used for OBS, Voicemod, Touch Portal etc. I don't mind to install Linux if it meant more performance over Windows 10. Thank you