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  1. No to both - I'll give updating the bios a shot tomorrow and see if that lets me do a 2-4 config.
  2. Hey guys. My pc parts picker list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zvTRmg So, I recently finished my first build and powered it on. Everything seemed ok - fans working, leds on, etc. However when I plugged in the monitor I noticed there was no display and that a debug LED on my mobo was on: solid white, the label reads DRAM. I want to preface this by saying that I tested the monitor and cables and they are definitely not faulty. Plugged into the gpu. I did RAM testing and these are my results: 1. Reseated ram in slots 2 and 4. DRAM led on. No periphreals recognized. 2. I then individually tested each RAM stick by putting it into different slots. RAM1. SLOT 1. DRAM DEBUG LED. NO PERIPHREALS. SLOT 2. DRAM DEBUG LED. NO PERIPHREALS. SLOT 3. CPU LED LIGHT ON AND OFF. VGA LED BRIEFLY TURNS ON. TURNS OFF WHEN DISPLAY SHOWS. BOOT LED LIGHT ON THEN OFF. PERIPHREALS RECOGNIZED. SLOT 4. Same as in slot 3. For the second RAM sticks the results were identical. 3. Put RAM in slots 1 and 3. Periphreals not recognised. Dram debug led on. 4. RAM in slot 3 and 4. Runs. Periphreals recognised. Notified of incorrect RAM placement. Gave me the option to press F2 to boot into bios. from msi BIOS I enabled A-XMP to see if it would make a difference. 5. Put in rec'd DIMM slots 2 and 4 again. Dram debug led on. No periphreals recognized. 6. In slots 1 and 3. DRAM light. No periphreals recognized. 7. In slot 1 and 4. DRAM LED LIGHT. No periphreals recognized. 8. In slots 1 and 2. Again dram led light and no periphreals. It seems that if a RAM stick is in slot 1 or 2, the dram debug led/no periphreals issue arises. If it is in 3 or 4, or 3 and 4 everything works fine. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.