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  1. Thank you! Good to know to avoid Xfinity's setup. Hopefully they'll revise them in the future but I can't imagine they're popular enough to warrant it.
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking at setting up a mesh WiFi system in my home since the far ends of the house away from the router have little to no usable bandwidth Quick Run down: -internet over cable, house has no wall Ethernet jacks -ISP: Xfinity, 500Mbps plan, -Speeds: Nearly 600 down on a desktop connected directly to the router, and 350+ down with an iPhone 11 Pro Max over WiFi when near the router. -Home: 2 stories, over 3000 square feet with drywall only, no concrete or brick construction. -Modem/Router: Xfinity provided combo unit, would like to continue using it. -Router Location: It is essentially stuck upstairs and to one side of the house. I know the best option here would just be to move the router to another cable jack somewhere closer to the center of the home, but it is my only way to use Ethernet access on my desktop, so I cannot move it. I've also heard from various LTT and TechQuickie vidoes that repeaters/extenders are more or less a bad idea except for specific use cases. That leaves me with mesh WiFi. Xfinity offers a proprietary mesh setup that seems like it would work okay, except the nodes have a maximum throughput of 200Mbps in a lab setting. This wouldn't be the end of the world, but it isn't ideal. What kind of mesh setup would you guys recommend? Or what have you done in your own homes? There seems to be a lot of options out there with a lot of marketing material and not much actual data. -Logan