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  1. I DDU the driver and installed the latest one but the problem is still there, this happend after the last two geforce game ready driver updates 451.48 and 451.67
  2. So I updated my GPU's Driver to the latest version which is 451.67 , when I leave my laptop in Chrome for a while and wake it up from hibernate I see bunch of artifacts I linked an image so you can see. I tried gaming on Ultra settings for hours and hours and I haven't seen any artifacts, this only happening in Chrome, I tried to reinstall it but no results, what should I do ??
  3. Thank you so much for your answer I won't do it again
  4. So I was defragging my SSD, then I found on the web that defragging your SSD will reduce its lifespan I was using the Auslogics Disk Defrag Pro. I stopped it at 5%, I'm worried about my drive I checked it's health in crystal disk info and it says 100% Correct, should I be worried about its life span or it will not reduce because I stopped it at 5%?