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  1. and what can I do about it?
  2. I set it to 48, also given in 4.48ghz it works
  3. Hello guys, I try to overclock and fail. Config : i7-9700k, msi z390 pro carbon, 32 gb corsair vengence pro 3200 (4x8), msi gtx 1660 super gaming x 6gb, aio deepcool gammaxx l240 v2 and wd green 480 ssd m.2 with the following bios settings : CPU Ratio Apply Mode: All Core CPU Ratio: 50 CPU Ratio Mode: Dynamic Mode CPU Ratio Offset When Running AVX: -2 Ring Ratio: 47 EIST: Enabled Enhanced Turbo: Disabled DigitALL Power: CPU Load Line Calibration Control: Mode 4 DigitALL Power: CPU Over Current Protection: 140% CPU Core Voltage Mode: Adaptive CPU Core Voltage: 1.370V Intel C-state: Disabled Long Duration Power Limit: 300 Long Duration Maintained: 128 Short Duration Power Limit: 300 CPU Current Limit: 250 and can only reach 4.48 ghz . With default settings reach 4.68ghz.