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  1. Thanks for telling me to update bios man. I fixed it
  2. I updated the bios and my cpu is running perfectly
  3. It's ok, I'm going to update my bios tomorrow i think so maybe that will fix it?Idk, i hope so
  4. I had A MSI motherboard, specifically z390 pro carbon ac, and some pins broke, so i bought ASUS ROG Z390-E GAMING
  5. i tried to do something with "AI Tweaker>CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max" but it wouldn't let me do anything, it just said auto.
  6. My bios isn't updated i just found that out, u think that would be the problem?
  7. I'm sorry i'm not very good with these things, Can u tell me where should i go to change tdp?
  8. So what W should you recommend? I dont want to burn my system or anything...
  9. I have i7-8700(locked), Single Core max Ghz is 4.7, for all cores it is 4.3 Ghz
  10. I have a noctua nh-u12s chromax.black, in my other MOB it would never go above 70*C
  11. My TDP right now is 65, should i put it higher
  12. Recently i changed my motherboard from and z390 msi board to a ROG z390 board and now i saw that my CPU wasnt performing as good as it used too.In my other board it reached 4.3 Ghz in all cores without problem, now in my new board it is stuck at 3.8 ghz on all cores, Why??.I read that someone fixed it by changing the power settings but when i put it to extreme performance it still is locked at 3.8 ghz. Anyone have a an idea?