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  1. I made a topic a few weeks ago because my pc started to act up, rig on but when left the screen goes black and won't show on the monitor. Today when I went to the bios it said about clearing the cmos like suggested on my last post. If I clear my cmos do I need to flash the bios? Also how do you essily clear the cmos on my mobo? I have an aorus x570 elite. Any help appreciated
  2. I was using my pc earlier and was fine just like any other time then when I came back to it the monitor screen was black. This is normal just wiggle the mouse and on it comes, but this time nothing. I tried the keyboard and the same thing happened. I tried removing the hdmi and plugging in but nothing. So I reset the computer and when it came to the motherboard boot screen it booted fine. It went to the operating system screen and showed the windows logo and it loading. Then the screen went black and im back to step one. Any ideas whats gone wrong please?
  3. I had overclocked my ryzen 3600 through the ryzen master software like a lot of guides I saw showed. I used the software to stress test the overclock and everything fine. As soon as I then play high demanding games like bf 5 the game plays perfect then crashes the game unexpectedly. I take the overclock off and its fine again. Is this a sign of a bad chip or bad overclocking?
  4. I have just recently upgraded my pc to an Aorus X570 and a ryzen 5 3600. I can play World Of Tanks on ultra settings and no problems. I play Battlefield 5 on settings auto selected by my Nvidia GTX 1660 Super and every few minutes I hear the two wire speaker on the motherboard beeping. Its really annoying and want to solve the problem. There is no dip in gameplay at all so I'm sure the hardware I have can take it. Also as a second question I did overclock my ryzen 5 a bit but for some reason battlefield keeps on crashing when it is overclocked so put it back to normal settings, not sure why? My build is Ryzen 5 3600 Aorus X570 Elite 16GB Corsair Vengeance Corsair RM 750 GTX 1660 Super
  5. I have just built my rig and the ryzen cpu doesn't seem to be right but I'm not sure as I'm new to this. The games I have played so far are running right but my cpu is stock at 3600mhz but looking at the cpu on the ryzen master software the cpu is hitting over that on peak speed. When i run cinebench the PPT reading goes red and off the chart. Also the buzzer in my pc keeps on going off when playing games im guessing when the peak speed is too high. Any help really appreciated! My build Ryzen 3600 Stock Cooler Corsair RM 650 Aorus X570 16GB Corsair Vengeance
  6. I know how to build a pc but have never really overclocked. Looked on YouTube but everyone seems to say something different. Im trying to overclock a ryzen 5 3600 on a Aorus X570 board. Any help really appreciated!
  7. I have 2x8gb corsair vengeance ram and a 1660 super. New to building a pc so not sure what else to say. I do plan to eventually overclock when I put a water cooler in. I use the pc for gaming and plan to stream and make videos
  8. Looking for recommendations for a motherboard for a ryzen 9. I may overclock in the future. Looking anywhere up to £300
  9. Looking for a cpu for my build around £300 - £400 for gaming, streaming and some content creating. I have the nvidia 1660 super to pair it with. Can be intel or amd and I don't mind buying a cooling system to overclock it
  10. I'm looking to upgrade my cpu and motherboard and know the cpu fits the socket but not sure about the bios. If the bios doesn't is there a way to make it compatible? The motherboard is Gigabyte B450M DS3H AMD Socket AM4 Motherboard and the cpu is a ryzen 5 3600. Thanks in advance ☺