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  1. Probably not? I only used one boot drive and I haven't installed the OS on any of the other drives.
  2. No I don't have a usb to boot from and changing the Bios settings didn't change anything. I'm still locked out of my admin account on mt desktop despite me putting in the correct password.
  3. No, it's also not even recognizing my microsoft account. I ran it in safe mode and tried fixing it that way, it asked me to login in my microsoft account but it won't recognize my password despite the fact I can log into it with my phone. I assume it's because I can't get an internet connection with it to actually go online and log in but I don't know how to fix that.
  4. Ok, I need help. So I purchased a 16gb Intel Optane Memory chip and installed it, then installed Intel Rapid Storage Technology. It said it had to switch from AHCI storage to Sata for it to work so I allowed it to do that. Then it restarted my computer, now It seems as though my login password for my pc has been changed and I have no idea what the password. It isn't recognizing the usual password or any that would be relevant such as my outlook password. I literally can't access anything on my pc and don't know what to do to fix this. Please help.
  5. I personally just switched the plug between the two slots or pins in the attached image of the original post. The PC is a pre-built from CyberPower so I am unsure about what header it is actually plugged into. But at the moment it is in the CPU_FAN pins.
  6. Yes, there is an RPM reading for the CPU_FAN in BIOS, just not for the pump. Also, so I decided to be bold and try moving it to the AIO_PUMP and it ended up switching it from reading exclusively CPU_FAN to AIO_PUMP and was almost double the RPM and I also could hear a liquid drip after doing this which makes me believe the pump did work. However, after doing that it failed to recognize that I had any CPU Fans and kept forcing me to attempt to set them up. As I'm writing this reply I have already switched it back. What I assume to be the case is that they somehow configured all of the fans and the liquid cooling together on one port rather than put each section of the 6 fans and the single liquid cooler on separate channels but I don't really know why. I believe the CPU_FAN is in DC for all of the fans, but after I submit my reply I'll double check and make sure. One concern I have is whether or not I should be able to hear the drip of it with it connected to the fan CPU because I only heard it when I connected it to the AIO PUMP Port/Slot/Whatever?
  7. As the title stated, I know nothing. But, I have a Cooler Master Liquid Lite liquid cooler for my CPU and in the BIOS I can't find any data for the pump's RPM and I have no control over it in the BIOS. My issue isn't necessarily that I need the control over it (although I would like to have it), my concern is whether or not the pump and liquid cooling is actually working. From looking in my PC I can see the fans the pump is connected to are in fact powered and running so whatever the case I know the fans are at least working and it is getting power. What I believe the issue to be is that the liquid cooler is potentially plugged into the wrong port with my evidence being that in the picture shown with the post is has a cable coming from the CPU Cooling going straight into the CPU_FAN slot rather than the AIO_PUMP slot. What I need to know is, is this correct and the solution is simply just switching the cable to the other port or is there more to it that I'm not seeing, understand, or aren't aware of. I would also like to know more about the potential maintenance of liquid cooling and what I need to keep an eye on to avoid future issues and potential malfunctions and what to do to avoid them.
  8. So I'm writing this post because I want to get the most out of what I have for my motherboard and PC. I don't know much about how PCs work in terms of hardware but it's very interesting and I'm trying to learn what I can from Linus' videos so that I can improve my own PC with confidence. My current issue is not so much as a problem but a curiosity, I want to know the benefits of using dual GPUs and if that would provide better performance for gaming. First off I would like to know if it's possible for my current motherboard and single GPU, I am using an ASUS PRIME Z390-P ATX with an NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2070 8GB GDDR6. From what I've gathered through various online sources so far, the 2070 is not capable of SLI due to it lacking the NVlink Bridge. What I want to I know is about potential work arounds, is there a way to make two GPUs work together without SLI and would it be worth the trouble? I really want to get the most out of my computer but I don't want to replace hardware just yet so I'd very much like to add on hardware to improve it rather than replace anything at this time.