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  1. I bought a thermaltake view 27 case and installed my GPU vertically. Downside is, the GPU hugged the side of the window.. So I had to cut a hole into he acrylic and get a fine mesh in front of it so the GPU can safely draw some fresh air. All.i wanted was a nice looking PC with a vertical GPU. Now all you can see is the top part of my GPU haha
  2. Thanks, I really wanna get there again. I even swapped out the thermal paste on my gpu.
  3. So after studying for my tests in University for about 6 hours I jacked up my PC and did some fine tuning on my GTX 1080Ti with MSI afterburner, I finally managed to get exactly 10k points on Furmark3D with the 1080p preset. I tried that for 2 days now, just finally made it happen, I am an absolute amateur in that matter. None the less I felt pretty good. I got onto Reddit and saw someone battle station glowing in a nice color scheme. It said to myself: "why don't you give RGB fusion a chance". Little did I know, that RGB Fusion would take my Win10, break it's neck, throw it to the ground and spit on it. If that wasn't enough, the crash that followed up even eradicated any data on both my SSDs. Now I am sitting here for about an hour, getting Win10 and all the stuff I had up again. The safest of all things is: I don't have the screenshot of my 10k score on Furmark3d anymore. I don't know if that belongs here, but I needed to share my day.
  4. I've had a 780Ti before and got a really cheap. Offer on that 1080Ti... At that time I wasn't really thinking about the PSU tbh
  5. Great! I've heard about connecting it using two different rails, is it only a slight performance gain or has it another reason aswell?
  6. @LukeSavenije I'll deff check out that post. The new PSU I ordered is a 650 bequiet! StraightPower 11 with a 80+Gold certification. Is that a reasonable improvement? Thanks for the help!
  7. It's been running quite well for over 1 1/2 years tho. Do you think it chipped away on the 'stability' of the PSU?
  8. TL;DR: Disconnected my whole PC from my supposed to be dead PSU and reconnected it all back up. PC suddenly works again. So my PC has been turning itself off twice in the last 2 weeks while gaming, I knew that it's probably the PSU (6 years on its back). Yesterday it's time has come, the fans did a half a second spin and the PC didn't start. I checked the RAM sticks, they are alright. After ordering a new PSU I removed the old dead one. Or at least I thought it's dead... In the evening I decided to do the paperclip check, just for the sakes of it and suddenly the fan started spinning? I've went curious, maybe something else in my PC went bad? I plugged in the Hardware in the following order: MB and CPU - GPU - SSD1 - SSD2 - HDD The PC seems to be perfectly fine now... But why? My PC is plugged into a power strip that directly goes into the wall outlet. This exact power strip has a master/slave mechanic with a USB cable that makes sure, all my peripherals only turn on, when the PC is running. Does anyone understand what the biscuit is going on? PC specs: Ryzen 5 2600 16 GB DDR4 @ 3200MHz GTX 1080Ti (inno3D iChill x3) Corsair VS 650 2 Samsung 500GB SSD's 1 Toshiba HDD