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  1. Hello everyone. I'm new to hardware upgrades. And so am asking for the best way to decide how to upgrade my TUF laptop storage. I looked over some DIY videos of how to swap or add storage to the laptop (which looks straight forward) but was wondering where should I start? is there a benefit with NVMe's or should I just stick with SATA? I believe I have an extra slot on my laptop to add another NVMe stick plus space for a SATA (decisions, decision). I just found this link btw: https://www.crucial.com/compatible-upgrade-for/asus/tuf-gaming-fx505dt The Crucial P5 1TB seems like good choice to me and the numbers look impressive too. (1TB M.2 SSD • PCIe NVMe Gen 3 • 3400 MB/s Read, 3000 MB/s Write) ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DT AMD Ryzen 7 3750H GeForce GTX 1650 16GB DDR4 512GB NVMe M.2