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  1. If my PC is sitting idle for a long time and when I come back and move the mouse or do anything, the computer freezes for a second and the CPU fan ramps up. Don't know what seems to be the problem.
  2. Both my upload and download speeds are 93 Mbps
  3. When I am on a Google Meet video call or watching youtube videos, the video stutters for a second or so and then becomes proper. My graphic drivers are all up to date. I don't know what seems to be the problem.
  4. But how do I get past it?
  5. I am not able to use multiplayer in games that I have bought from Epic Games store. It shows Epic Games Store is offline but I can still browse and buy games in the store. Is it because of the firewall (I use ESET Internet Security's firewall)?
  6. But people have run it on gtx cards
  7. The carbon fiber one looks like the back of a skin
  8. Can you run RTX Voice on a GT 1030?
  9. When I tried new realtek drivers, it would not recognize my headphones. So I had to go back.