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  1. Yes, preference.... He said he wanted a click and speed, and purples have a click and they are faster than a standard mechanical switch.... and about the lifespan, you have a point... but rest assured those will serve him a long time.....
  2. Purple Pros: clicky sound (oh yes), fantastic stabilazation due to the Box shape, its an optical switch meaning, youre switch cant break so youre good.... Purple cons: if you like clicky switches that dont blow youre head off... this switch is defenitly a clicky switch, but not so much like the Kailh Box Jade... Red Pros: SPEED... really this is a really fast switch, just a bit slower than the Steelseries Apex Pro, which you can actuate at 0.4mm.... Red Cons: NOT good for typing... due to the lightness, you can just let your finger stay on a key and it will actuate due to the 1mm actuation.... If youre not a linear guy, it will feel weird to not feel a bump, letalone a click So if you want speed and click, purple is your win... youre welcome
  3. If you primarily type and game, then get the purple switch... Theyre clicky yes, but dont have a mechanical spring inside, so the durability is much higher at 100 Mio. Keystrokes.... Purple Switch: 1,5mm Actuation, 3,5mm Bottom-Out, 45g Force Red Switch: 1mm Actuation, 3,5 mm Bottom-Out, 40g Force So as you can see the red switch is VERY light and the sound bc of the metal stabilisers is terrible....... but Razer fixed the sound issue on theyre newly released Huntsman Mini (60%) keeb... So if i were you, just go with the purple switch.... Has a click that is satisfying, and there arent any compromises compared to the red switch... youre welcome
  4. Yes, but im not impressed by the build quality..... plastic base is a no go for me....
  5. So im on the hunt for a solid 60% Keyboard and i narrowed it down to 3 Choices: Durgod Venus Ducky Mecha Mini (New) Razer Huntsman Mini I need: 60% Layout (ANSI) Detachable USB-C Great RGB with Puddig Caps (buying them separately) Solid aluminium Construction and heavy board good switches (Gateron or Kailh) (The manufacturer of the venus told me that the venus will have hot-swap so ill wait for that) So yeah thats about it. If you have ideas write the down... THX
  6. well... cherry had a history where people always said that there switches war kinda "scratchy"... and im not a clicky fan....... and GX and GL clickys... they are just rebranded Kailh switches but the gl switches have a low profile design.....
  7. since hes sponsored by razer... it would be to say that he uses everyone of their peripherals... Just an assumption :3
  8. I would love a 65% keeb... But it should hav an standard bottom row.... Like keycap swapping... :3