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  1. THX is cheat find something else like schiit
  2. ooohhhhhh which speaker headphone u prefer? what kind of music?
  3. as said @rice guru especially u have 660s ... don't take schiit stack or k5 pro it deserves zen dac which is clearly better
  4. it depends. Could be Rayleigh or Mie. Like my blood when it is out it shows red but this f.....g blood when inside me is not red anymore. maybe that's why nobels a long time ago believed blood could be blue. they were smarter maybe.... maybe not.
  5. +1 @LAwLz Furthermore i am a Oneplus fan from times but since i watched the video on their website i didn't like a lot the boss and its attitude. I'm looking for a new brand phone to replace my oneplus. And as u said, they are not creative at all. Yes in car industry i have a friend working in Hyundai: they use in Kia the elements that worked fine on hyundai cars. the difference is mostly the design. And any company needs different price ranges in order to have more clients.
  6. Before i move to Canada i got OLED And yes this is incredible only burn can be a problem especially for gaming black, colors, i enjoyed a lot wtching 4k movies but well that's reall still expensive
  7. fred82


    this is not an ad of course
  8. yep sometimes i think doing so. of course all this interpretated by your hears (not a point L and point R anyway) .... but that's why the intelligence of all this works better when it is not virtual since virtual is not made perfect simulation. so yep thinking doing both. still i already played with headset and it is not bad for simple features :but it is really hard to get the plane is on the sky except that you know it is in the sky naturally or that the guy speaking louder is in front of you not in back wit hkind of less clear voice.... so it is like optical anyway: optics if just your brain . there is no real world of colors: this interpretation fo your brain to 3D see and position te objects and understand which object it is (different material different colors) .. well we are duped but duped in a good way so that helps us "see or hear "the world around us i mean that's all about interpretation that is necessary in our evolution of specy and that our virtual simulators .. are far far from being good enough bt let's hope it will improve. but for sure as u say.. now the 7.1 stuff will of course be better
  9. thx for your comments. well but it is important because i almost only listen classical music and some of the recordings soundstage is important i don't like things which are made smooth like it was passed throught a mixer . my ex having only closed .. like the bose 700 i bought to her... i really don't like. it is cheat in audio. i don't get why people buy this. anyway ... you see maybe why choice is hard and takes time: it is important i take pleasure to hear my classical music and i am really scared i am not satisfied for a price. maybe i should start less expensive and wait after covid crazy period to get better ... so more listne the advices of rice guru.. still i miss so much havign the terrible exiting feeling when hearing my recordings. maybe i should try to find someone with a dt1990 pro first or shure and listen for hours sessions thx anyway all for such helps
  10. shure i don't know much this brand honestly and being closed i will loose quality i had wiht my sennheiser oh ATH-A1000Z i don't know but i can remember ATH-R70X: people i know in audiophile the guys having 5000 euros headphones they love DT1990 and this one (and stax srs2170 or something like that) that they say for the price it is wow very good imaging , fast, realistic (forgot the english word) but all i say all of them say that for the price the best is DT1990 pro sadly i never heard any .. i know lot of bose (i hate), sennheiser (cheap but i like audio), AKG (not my taste except on PC to hear something else than classical music) not easy to choose .anyway one thing is fo sure: in canada prices are highly over exagerated i buy in germany (or usa if possible)
  11. nobody is perfect. i am a dude too.:D anyway 1/ i know about headphone as end ... to be the most important... thay's why choice is terribly hard 2/ thx .. it is modius then not modios i guess: i didn't know i will try to see reviews on it . thx dude 3/ i am quite a mid age and i knew in France the audiophile communauty let's say the most famous one... some good guys there help me a lot especially they knew that i am extra super sensitive toward recordings to be respected kind of: i like hear everything even the default for exemple if i show this photo maybe you can guess a recording famous for being so noisy old .. most peoplle would hate https://www.google.fr/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dw.com%2Fen%2Fbeethoven-as-nazi-propaganda%2Fa-53262640&psig=AOvVaw18fiH0ofqEBNHXAEFRVeaB&ust=1595025920271000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCKiZ6tzs0uoCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD but when u love music u love it because it is exceptionnal one that's difference between audiophile and music lover. i am music lover. but i need people expert in audiophile help find the right choice or to listen myself (but well it would take such time and in canada i hardly find as much as in paris for testing) thx anyway for ur help as u can understand still i am hesistating like a big frustrated guy there
  12. i don't know if you know how things are made but if you check what is inside you can see a high difference with modi that is entry level so yes that's a huge difference ut you're right on a thing.. is dt1990 pro enough for it? this is more a problem.. i don't know which headphone could replace my old hd650 i found that time was not the best of anyway thx anyway miss rice guru
  13. @rice guruthat's why i hesitate for DT1990 pro : ananda , focal, and few electrostatic.. still reviewing @The Flying Sloth music is an high importance to me . but i didn't see of similar which ones u mean?