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  1. Can you be a bit more specific? what kind of issues
  2. I've got a sapphire 5700xt pulse and I really don't know why it's happening.
  3. For some reason when I go to the bios it's zoomed in.... when I first booted up my pc it was just fine but now it's stretched in...
  4. For some odd reason steam keeps flickering but I can open it just fine... I am not sure what's going on since I had fixed the problem yesterday by uninstallig steam and then installing it again.
  5. It's fine. I was thinking of going with the b550 tomahawk or the b550 aorus pro. The tomahawk hasn't been released yet, it's gonna be released this month right?
  6. Well MSI's x570's were disappoiting. I do agree though, some of the Asus ones are very nice but the rog crosshair viii formula is kinda dumb. The waterblock only cools the VRM and not the chipset. It's also crazy expensive for some odd reason. I personally like the creator of Asus but besides the rumors that I heard about the x570's I only really focused on the MSI ones and Asus a bit. I can't provide more than 300 euros (330 dollars) so that's why I can't really go to the x570. I'll check the b550's though. I've also got a 3700x, not a 3300x.
  7. Well let's see. At first I wanted to get the x570 pro carbon but the VRM of the motherboard is weak and the IO is lacking. You can get it from bunch of other boards. I've also heard that there have been thermal issues and chipset failures.
  8. because the x570's were a failure in my opinion and they cost way too much for what you get and I can spend about 300 euros and I've got a ryzen 7 3700x (I'll be updating the bios)
  9. So basically I'm almost done with building my pc but I can't seem to choose a motherboard. I was thinking between the x470 rog crosshair vii hero, x470 gaming pro max or x470 gigabyte ultra gaming. Any suggestions?