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  1. Ok thank you bro been at it for 2 weeks so will most likely get it replaced once the lock down is lifted which is in 2 days i think. Thanks again
  2. When the program which utilizes the graphics card is closed and the driver is reinstalled it works again. The drivers were updated to the latest version and were also downgraded till the oldest version but it still happens. The issue was not present till 2-3 weeks back. It actually started few days after windows 2004 update but roll back and reset also didnt work. The warranty prevents us from both opening and reseating the wifi card.
  3. ya a gpu spike of 99% caused the failure once but it didnt happen again and as for pulling the bottom panel of laptop it is still under warranty and has a sticker on one of the screws which is dumb when the programs are run in integrated graphics it runs well. I saw in one of the posts it was a power supply issue but when everything else is disabled it does happen. This lockdown prevents us from getting it to service center or any kind of new charger.
  4. Me and my friend have been trying to fix this issue with his laptop for 2 weeks now everytime the graphics card utilization crosses the 35-40% the wifi driver completely disappears and in device manager the triangle symbol shows up near the wifi adapter which is intel ac 9560. We tried everything from network reset, reinstalling all drivers including Nvidia, wifi driver, bluetooth driver, integrated graphics driver, changing the wifi to 20mhz and the adapter to 20mhz, changing power plan to resetting windows but to no avail none of them worked the lap is asus fx504gm with i7 8750H, GTX 1060 6gb, 8gb 2666Mhz ram and intel wireless AC 9560 and DNS flush was not working.