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    Koala land
  • Interests
    PCs and laptops, good quality hardware and cars, Tennis, F1, gaming (Hitman, Fallout, Plane/Hunting/City Simulations, Future Sci-Fi games)
  • Biography
    Dutch parents, born in Aus
  • Occupation
    Technical Specialist


  • CPU
    i7 7700
  • Motherboard
    GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 (rev. 1.0)
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill
  • GPU
  • Case
    nice quality, mostly screw-less, cant remember the brand
  • Storage
    1TB NVME M.2 SSD, a few Archive HDD's (lesser HDD's always fail after a few years, my archive drives have never failed). Worst drives I've experienced was the WD Green at work, I've seen those failed within weeks :eek:
  • PSU
    750W Corsair
  • Display(s)
    LG Ultra Widescreen, and a smaller Samsung. Both are nice but dont like the light reflection on the Samsung)
  • Cooling
    Standard (I dont overclock for stability/reliability)
  • Keyboard
    Logitech MX KEYS (out of all the keyboards I've owned, this is absolute king, I used to make typo's on high quality gaming keyboards all the time, problably due to the travel distance. The MX has a super short distance and typo's are a thing of the past (unless I'm tired lol). Absolutely love it :)
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Vertical. I find it more accurate in games because your wrist bone can anchor into the mouse pad ( normal mice anchor to moving skin). Takes a LONG time to get used to properly it though, months.
  • Sound
    Onboard, with a Logitech Z5500 (with the awful speakers thrown out - they hurt my ears when people clapped in TV shows for some reason, replaced them with premium car speakers in cheap wooden boxes, a world of difference)
  • Operating System
    Win10 Pro 2004 (64bit off coarse)
  • Laptop
    Asus PN60 Mini laptop PC :smirk:

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  1. I spoke to the PC shop and they recommended the NH-L9i (would be nice if copy and pasting from websites didn't preserve the large bold font) So I bought it and it is super silent, and 14 degrees less than the Stock Intel Case is Silverstone GD09 RAM is typical height. I did need to bend the HDD bay metal bracket down so I lost a drive bay, but I managed to wrap the HDD in non-conductive material and jam it on top of the GPU next to the PSU, and another drive at the front of the case above the cable mess opposite the PSU.
  2. Played around with it and I found the solution Sent it to SB support, hopefully they will get it sorted in the next Command release. I managed to install firmware 1.5 by uninstalling the latest Command software and installing the previous version USBCMDMasterInstaller_3.4.72.01.exe I managed to install the SXFI profile in Windows after force closing the Android app. I connected the X3 while the PC was off, and connected via Wireless using the Android App, hoping it would "Personalize" the X3 properly but it just hung forever.not sure if that was any help in the process. It seems like the Android app hangs when trying to upload the profile to the device, which caused the Windows Command app to fail when you try logging in and uploading the profile in Windows. My original SXFI profile sounded super robotic, but I took the photo's again and this time with my phone's flash instead of an LED flashlight, and that made a HUGE difference. For some reason the left ear was quite louder than the right but you can adjust that if you click on the Playback->Speaker gear icon and mess around with the LR balance. Its best to play music when you do this. Use a track with a clear precise sound to hear Center properly (I used Riley Reindold - Growth). Took me about 20 minutes to get it right, if you click on the balance circle you can use the Left and Right arrows to micro-adjust the balance.
  3. I tried Microsoft's one built into VS (WiX or whatever its called) but its overly complicated and I cannot get it to compile at all, it just does nothing. I would like to use a simple one with a nice GUI, I just want to add the files and set the name and version strings. Any recommendations?
  4. SB support told me to uninstall the drivers and make sure its using Microsoft drivers, then install the SB drivers and Command app. That didnt work. However when I force closed the Android App, I was able to login to the Command App in Windows and download the Profile. I tried updating the firmware to 1.5 but that still fails. I really want to use 1.5 as this unit can be quite buggy. Sometimes I get no sound, or the right channel doesnt work, or the Volume keeps on going down to 0% when I use VOL DN on my Logi MX KEYS. I need to reboot Windows to fix the volume down bug. For the other issues I need to reconnect the X3's USB cable.
  5. Noctua NH-L9i? Its an HTPC so needs to be small
  6. The stock fan is very noisy, and the PC will be right next to be so I need a cheap silent heatsink fan. Recommendations?
  7. Understood, alright I'll make it myself, perhaps using parts from an existing floating VESA arm. Thanks for the info.
  8. Yeah that's what I thought, maybe I could build it myself but I need that rotating mechanism that can take 15kg
  9. Budget (including currency): $200 Country: Aus Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Racing Other details: none I'm building a new HTPC machine designed to be used on a couch. I would sit on the couch normally to play racing games. I would lie down on the couch to watch youtube. I want to rotate it away to the left of the couch if I need it out of my way. So I need an arm of about 1 - 1.5 meters that can rotate 180 degrees, and lock into place at each 90 degrees. I searched google images, I couldnt find anything that is mounted from behind. Does such a product exist?
  10. Yeah that was my first thought, they probably want to show ads on the right side or something like that.
  11. It used to always remember the last view I had, now (since a week or two ago) it always loads in the squashed Default view. Every time I load a YT vid I need to click the Cinema button Anyone else have this issue?
  12. nope the firmware doesnt update, it says its installing, but then closes and shows the previous firmware version
  13. oh there's a new firmware 1.5.xxx I thought it already installed it, installing now...
  14. I've taken photo's of the ears and connected to the X3 via Bluetooth and created an account. I then went back to the Windows Command App (v3.4..83.0) and I signed into Super X-Fi, but every time it hangs at 0% for a few seconds and then says Failed to download Profile". I tried installing the latest firmware 1.4.200612.1610 but it made no difference. Any ideas?