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  1. He also gave me couple graphics cards (including my 1050ti)
  2. Those parts used to belong to my uncle but he gave them to me when they were upgrading their office pc's
  3. Ok, i'll do as you say my friend. Thanks for the help.
  4. Well i do have a better cpu a Threadripper 1920x but dont have a mobo for it. Should i just buy a mobo for the thread ripper and wait for big navi release to buy a graphics card ?
  5. Yes, i dont really know the market so i just saved up money
  6. I bought this card in 2017 and its insurance expired few months ago. Only thing i want is more vram i guess, while playing rdr2 and mea it always lags. I have a i5 7500 cpu on a b250m board. I have 2 PSU's one is ax1500 other one is a zalman 600, i'll sell one of them depending on the card i choos. My budget is around 700$. (I already cleaned the card and replaced the thermal paste and it changed nearly nothing)